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Office spaces
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Shared Spaces
Common space, UX Lab, Podcast studio, Tech Lab, Sleep Lab, Psychological Lab
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Who is entitled to a 77% discount?

We are able to provide you with a 77% discount on the market price on the basis of a grant from public sources. To obtain it, it is necessary to fill in the application with a project with sufficiently innovative potential. But we will be happy to help you with its preparation. Don't worry, it's nothing complicated or unattainable. We want to help startups.

Can I get into your accelerator without discount?

No. We only accept companies that receive a grant to the accelerator. But you can become part of our community and use the services of our laboratories. If you are looking for office space, we recommend the Beyond premises in Prague-Smíchov.

Are you really not asking for company shares?

Really. We know that the services and prices we offer seem unrealistic, but that's the way it is. We did it because we founded and helped build several successful startups and we know what the founders really need.

Is the rent part of the office equipment?

Yes. The rental includes tables, chairs, whiteboard and monitors. You can further customize the office to your liking. We will be happy to help you with this.

Can you provide me with a parking card?

Yes, based on registered business.

Are the offices safe?

Yes. The building is secured by Jablotron and is insured. Each office is lockable. Entrance to the building is possible by means of special chips issued in the name.

So, shall we forge it together?

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