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Research Tuesday

It has been a year since general artificial intelligence was put into the hands of the general public in a usable form. At the Research Tuesday meeting at The Forge, UX researchers from the UX Association gathered to summarize their experiences with incorporating AI into user research and share best practices and tool tips.

Autumn breakfast in Sloupova

As we did last year, we met for breakfast in Sloupova to discuss with our tenants their satisfaction with our The Forge and ask them for their ideas for improving our services.

Branik book market

This year we were also part of the "Branik book market" - Street festival of book culture in Prague 4.

Creative vouchers

Newly announced subsidy projects of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic - creative vouchers. The call has been announced and in the next few days we are going to start receiving applications. The Creative Voucher is a one-off financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises in the amount of 50 to 200 thousand CZK.
More information can be found here.

Barbecue in the yard

Thank you for coming ­čśŐ

Massages at The Forge

Since January 2023 we have established cooperation with Mr. Honza K├╝hn, who provides reconditioning, sports and specialized massages for our clients once every 2 weeks, always on Tuesdays. More information about Mr. Honza can be found at

Laptops for Ukraine

We are part of the Laptops for Ukraine project. The aim is to collect discarded laptops, tablets and smartphones that companies no longer have a use for. The devices are then sent to Ukraine to strengthen the civilian infrastructure there. The ongoing war conflict is placing demands on the company's digital equipment, as many activities, led by school lessons, have to take place online.

Christmas breakfast in Sloupová

We are glad you were here with us :-)))

Podcast "Patriot Branick├Ż" - David V├ívra

Studio The Forge offered a recording studio to create such nice projects as "Patriot Branick├Ż". You can listen to the podcast here

Innovation week 2022

We are glad that we were able to participate in the Innovation Week 2022. In our premises, as part of the accompanying programme, a lecture on the topic "How to get funding for an innovation project?" took place.There was information about funding from private and public sources, about setting up a marketing strategy and which consultancy companies and intermediaries we cooperate with.

Aromatherapy with Katerina Lesse

Another wellbeing event to promote mental and physical health. Presentation of essential oils - Young Living, healthy cooking and many other trends.

Branik book market

We are glad to be part of the first year of the event called "Branik book market" - Street festival of book culture in Prague 4.

UXWell training weekend

Czech UX design hopefuls used The Forge UX Lab to practice user testing skills with real respondents during the UX Well learning weekend.

Lecture by Petra Kutálková

Studio The Forge hosted Research Tuesday, a meeting of researchers from the UX Association, this time with a lecture by Petra Kutálková on "How to research sensitive issues and do no harm."

Barbecue in the backyard

16.5. was the second year of our legendary barbecue. It is always a pleasant meeting with colleagues, business partners and friends, during which the beer flows and delicious meat delicacies from the Branická Butchery are grilled.

Aromatherapy with Katerina Lesse

We regularly host wellbeing events to promote mental and physical health. New approaches in aromatherapy, new Raindrop massage techniques using Young Living essential oils.

Planting of the Magdalena Linden

Today we ceremonially planted a tree in the courtyard. We chose a traditional Czech linden tree (tilia platyphyllos) and are looking forward to some greenery, shade and flowers. And since today was Magdalene's feast day, we named our lime tree that too.

New premises in Branická 26/43, in Prague Branik

After the completion of the building modifications of the technological parts, we have prepared a total of 34 offices and 4 laboratories on a floor area of 1457.65 m for the coming year. From January 1, 2021 we are looking forward to new startups and innovation projects within the incubator and accelerator.

New heating - late, but still

Apologies to everyone who was cold in the previous days, but we finally managed to start the heating season today after a successful test.

Renovations on Branická in full swing

During the summer we worked intensively on the interior and exterior of the building in Branick├í. The roof and plaster needed to be repaired. We replaced the flooring in the "Column" and the carpets in most of the offices. Our pride and joy is the beautiful new entrance door. And we weren't alone - Branick├í Street also received a new surface, including planted trees. A beautiful little square has grown up around the Periferie Caf├ę :)

Cooperation with architect Ond┼Öej Tu─Źek

Our great thanks go to architect Ond┼Öej Tu─Źek, who helped us to obtain valuable information about the history of the building in Branick├í, so that we could continue the tradition and keep the original style of the building, known as "Na Kov├írn─Ť v Bran├şku", and remove the unpleasant colour and other alterations from the past.

So, shall we forge it together?

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