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We support

innovative projects and startups

We create space for groups and individuals doing research in the medical field with a focus on software, hardware and IoT.

We connect

academic sphere, research and entrepreneurs

We help with project management, development and communication with private investors. We work with our partner accelerator Beyond to build a wide network.

We provide

quality facilities for administration and research

Lease equipped offices at an unbeatable price. Legal consulting and technology transfer center UX testing lab

Your background

UX Lab

The professional UX testing lab is equipped for usability and user-experience testing of web and software design. These labs are also here for you. Leave a contact and your research can begin. Leave a contact and your research can begin.

Podcast studio

Everything you need to create a podcast, live stream, video podcast, commercials and much more. The studio is equipped with 4 microphones, 2 headphones, mixer, video camera and camera. The podcast studio is here for you too. Leave a contact and you can start recording. Leave a contact and you can start recording.

Tech Lab

Electrical engineering laboratory for the development of prototypes in the field of information and communication technologies, specializing in telemedicine.The basis is a soldering station, oscilloscope, printer and scanner for the creation of 3D prototypes, including a control PC station, logic analyzer and tools for the production of electrical equipment. The laboratory is also here for you. Leave your contact details and the research can begin. Leave your contact details and you can use the laboratory too.

Common space

Cozy spaces right in the building for your various events, meetings, workshops or training sessions. Presentation technology available. Possibility to use the kitchen and catering facilities. Capacity up to 30 people. Just leave a contact.


Furnished offices for rent at an unbeatable price. Leave a contact.

Member Services

  • Legal consulting
  • Grant consulting
  • Investment consulting
  • MDD/MDR regulation
  • Mentoring in healthtech field
  • Special partnerships deals
  • IT background
  • Print and 3D printer
  • Head Office
  • Office number and post
  • Networking
  • Events and Workshops
  • Kitchen
  • Dog friendly

We will not touch your percentage of the company.

Our goal is to support good ideas in the healthcare industry, not to get rich.

We have received funding and operate as a not-for-profit company. We will not claim your company's share. This makes us unique in the Czech Republic.

They said about us

My mom always tells me, "Friends are the family you choose." If this is true, then by relocating to the Forge we have gained a family full of forward-thinking, innovative people who are ready to share their ideas and experiences to help each other grow and succeed. Sonia Sikorová - CEO & Co-founder

Soňa Sikorová
CEO & Co-founder

We have been in The Forge for over a year now; our team has grown by 4 members during this time. The Forge has a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. There is a courtyard with a tree with the possibility of summer sitting, barbecue or meeting. Beautiful spaces tailored to us. And when we don't like it inside anymore, we have a lot of excellent restaurants, cafes, and parks outside.

Ivan Hruška

Pleasant working environment close to the Vltava river and cycle path. Good location outside the centre, but easily accessible. We like the history of the building and the surroundings, where we can find everything we need - butcher, cafe, Kulovna Bar. The musical background emanating from the neighboring conservatory is also pleasant :) Tereza Petráčková - Operation Manager

Tereza Petráčková
Operation Manager

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