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That's why we offer complete support for medical development projects. We connect them with the right people to take them

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Are you full of ideas, writing projects down on paper and looking for a way? We'll provide a zone where it's a pleasure to work, where inspiration lurks around the corner, where you'll find the background to build your future.

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You don't have to be a rocket scientist to move society forward. If hearing an idea gets your wheels turning and you see a way to turn it into reality or where to find support, we're here for you.

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Progress, courage and advancement is what drives you forward. Get behind a successful project, support it through the tough beginnings and reap the rewards later.

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PhD student, ambitious student, research group leader - research can be fun, fulfilling and even rewarding. If you have the right pillar. In our hotbed, we'll forge a customized space for you.

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Community Events & Workshops

We meet regularly on an irregular basis for work and leisure activities. Whether it's a workshop or a barbecue, we always find a reason to meet and have fun.

They said about us

My mom always tells me, "Friends are the family you choose." If this is true, then by relocating to the Forge we have gained a family full of forward-thinking, innovative people who are ready to share their ideas and experiences to help each other grow and succeed.

Soňa Sikorová
CEO & Co-founder

We have been in The Forge for over a year now; our team has grown by 4 members during this time. The Forge has a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. There is a courtyard with a tree with the possibility of summer sitting, barbecue or meeting. Beautiful spaces tailored to us. And when we don't like it inside anymore, we have a lot of excellent restaurants, cafes, and parks outside.

Ivan Hruška

Pleasant working environment close to the Vltava river and cycle path. Good location outside the centre, but easily accessible. We like the history of the building and the surroundings, where we can find everything we need - butcher, cafe, Kulovna Bar. The musical background emanating from the neighboring conservatory is also pleasant :)

Tereza Petráčková
Operation Manager

What I like about The Forge is that it preserves the spirit of the original old house. The combination of historically sensitive renovation and the energy of young, innovative businesses is great and gives the place a distinctive character. The loft spaces add to the atmosphere, and the seminars and events feel like a community. The old Braník with its growing number of interesting businesses beckons to sit with colleagues, while the nearby waterfront gives the opportunity to clear your head on an after-work walk.

Pavel Konečný
Founder and CEO

Searching for new premises for our IT company, we were already clear after the experience! More offices, our own kitchen, a lounge and most importantly a shared outdoor space for our favourite barbecues. We happened upon The Forge, which immediately captivated us with its history, location, amenities and most importantly, friendly atmosphere. Hosting get-togethers around a fire, grill or beer became a good opportunity for us to make new connections and most importantly, meet new friends.

Filip Fiala

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